Stay with us to enjoy the simple good life in the mountains!

We share, we laugh, we care and we are passionated about this little place full of surprises!

When you stay with us you can choose between a shared dorm room, a spacious campsite or a private Mongolian yurt.

Reserve your accommodation now! We are excited to see you in the summer!

The dormitory

Once this place used to be an old barn to store hay. You might feel like a child again when you climb the ladders to your sleeping place.
Even if you share a room with a total of 19 people, you will feel comfortable and find enough space for your comfort. We have built small alcoves with curtains to give you some privacy. For sure we are not a luxury place but a real mountain hut! We believe this experience you should not miss on your trekking!

The Mongolian Yurt

Our yurt really comes from a small village in Mongolia.  But it also fits very well into the Trient mountain landscape and it looks especially sexy in front of the le Peuty. You can book it privately for 2-4 people only the shared bathroom is in our hut! The yurt is lovingly decorated and even if we don’t have yak milk you can sip a Swiss cocktail on your little terrace in a deck chair!
No luxury accommodation but a wonderful experience awaits you!

The campsite

The campsite belongs to the community. You can’t reserve it and you don’t need to. There is always space on the meadow. Please do not expect luxury, the commune puts small gas shower cabins, which can be sometimes hot but also sometimes cold. There is also a bathroom with two toilets and a covered area with a fireplace.
Unfortunately you can’t use toilets and showers in our hut, we simply don’t have enough space! You can book dinner, lunch and breakfast at the refuge or eat a delicious meal before 6PM. 

The bathroom

Inside the refuge you will find a shared bathroom. There are two toilets and two very hot showers. You will also find a hair dryer and space to hang up your clothes. The bathroom in only for refuge and yurts guests, not for campers!

What to expect


CHF 65.00

/ person / half board

19 beds

shared bathroom

dinner and breakfast in the yurt

lunch pack for additional CHF 10.00


CHF 75.00

/ person / half board

private accommodation

shared bathroom

2-4 person yurt

private small terrace


CHF 6.00

/ person

Check in at the campsite any time

Toilets and showers at the campsite

Only cash payment (6-7PM)

reserve dinner / breakfast with us