Small farm market

about 150 meter from the refuge you will find a small self-service farm market. They sell local cheese and sausage but also a few other delicious things.

No shops nearby

We are a very small village with no shops and no bakery. You can order our lunch pack or ask us for some bred if you bought cheese and sausage from the farm.

Bus stop in the village

Busses are running to Martigny and towards the French boarder (le Châtelard). They are not very frequently passing through Trient. Check out the timetable 


There is no ATM in the village. You can pay by credit car in the refuge but you must pay in cash at the farm market and campsite. They accept €!


We can help to organize a taxi for you. Please let us know where you would like to go. If you need a luggage transfer please let us know! We can contact one of our partners.

Car park

You can park your car next to the campsite. If you want to leave it a few days please ask us to explain you where the longterm parking is.
Please do not park next to the refuge on our neighbor car park.